In an ideal world, you would probably pay somebody to clean your car professionally every day, but unless you’re a millionaire, that’s probably not going to happen. As such, you may find it difficult to keep funky smells at bay. Your car’s interior is a very enclosed space, so even with a normal level of usage, odors can easily build up. So if you want your car to continue to smell like it did when you first bought it, follow these tips from DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota.

1. Have rules about what people can and can’t do when they’re in your car.

Smoking, for example, should be a complete no-no. The smell of cigarette smoke is almost impossible to eliminate, and the smoke will even discolor the car’s upholstery. Similarly, strong-smelling food and drink should be ruled out. If you don’t let the smells get in your car in the first place, then you won’t have to work hard to remove them.

2. Clean your vehicle regularly.

If you can’t afford to pay somebody to clean your car, then you’re going to have to do it regularly yourself. A deep clean will always get the best results, but target certain areas if you’re in a hurry to get the best results. Ensure that the dashboard is wiped over, that the windows are cleaned on the inside, and that any floor mats are removed, shaken out, cleaned as required, and replaced. A weekly vacuum over all the upholstery can work wonders with funky smells.

3. Be careful what you leave inside your car, too.

Food wrappers and cartons should be removed straight away, as any food residue will quickly create a smell. Muddy boots or shoes can quickly cause damp, unpleasant smells and will reduce the air quality inside your car too. The same thing applies to damp clothes or towels. Remove pet toys, blankets, and bedding whenever possible, as these can all quickly lead to funky odors.

4. Find the right product.

If you’re looking for a quick way to freshen up your car’s interior, try to avoid sprays that just mask odors and look for products that actually remove smells. Spray an odor-eliminating product inside the car, turn the air conditioning on, close the doors and windows, and leave for five to ten minutes. This will ensure that the spray has been able to circulate around the car properly, and will offer the most effective results.

5. Keep it fresh.

A car freshener can be a simple way to keep stale smells at bay. You can buy them quite cheaply from most supermarkets, or you could make a homemade one from your favorite potpourri. Choose a fairly subtle, fresh smell. Citrus makes a great base for air freshener, as it has a wide appeal and isn’t too strong. Remember that the smell can build up quite intensely in the enclosed space of your car’s cabin.

Still not working? Schedule a visit to the DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota service department. Your car (and your nose) will thank you.